Women are soooo complex…

OK, I have crapped on, and on, and on, on this site regards women and sex.

I have learnt a lot in the past few years about the female of the species and how their minds work in regards to sex and I still have much more to learn.  As to whether I can be bothered, that is debatable?

Have been on the dating site again for the last few months and have had a few nibbles and one magnificent two week period of great sex but that has been about it.

Just had another woman last night whom I had been chatting with and whom had committed to sex with me “100%”, so much so that I had booked a room etc, pull out citing the reason that she might fall in love with me…FFS!

This is the great conundrum I face and have faced for too long now.

Why cant the majority of women separate the two, ie: sex for pleasure and sex for love?

I wont hammer women in this post entirely because there are a lot of men who cant control themselves in that area either.  I guess, as I have rattled on previously, it all comes back to sex education and the piss poor effort parents and educators in this state put into that area.

We are essentially just left to find our own way through the sexual minefield of life by embarrassed parents and an education system hampered by conservatives and the Church and harassment and legal concerns and the list goes on.

All that stands in the way of simple human pleasure…faaark!

Anyway, wont carry on anymore for now.  Have renewed this site for another year but as to whether I bother to post regularly, watch this space.


Angry man has a run of luck…

Well, just like other bloggers I have been getting those emails from WordPress noting that its time to pay for the blog again and as it stands right now, at this very point in time I am genuinely wondering if it is worth bothering to keep it chugging along?

Essentially and largely right now I am an angry bastard, angry with women, men, society and anyone else who dares come onto my path…

I am tired of women who toy with men because they have no fucking idea what they really want, or just want the narrative without the physical, case in point the woman I am meant to meet tomorrow whom I haven’t heard a whisper from since organising our meet last weekend even after texting her yesterday to touch base again.  Then there is JC who stood me up via text on the way to a meet a few months ago.  Then there is CC who is divorced and whom I have offered my time and love too who like far too many women approve of the “If I just dont write back to him, he will go away approach”.  Then there’s the woman from Sydney who stated that “I dont share my men”…WTF?

Don’t get me wrong here…I get that men can be complete arseholes too but essentially I am so tired of people who lack courage.  Courage to speak up whether that be sexually, politically or in any other way for fear of being labelled in some way, shape or form.

GROW SOME FUCKING CAJONES YOU FUCKERS AND SPEAK UP – Is the Prime Minister the only woman in this country who has metaphorically speaking  - got a set?

OK…glad I got that out of the system…moving on now…

Having said this, I have have had a small run of luck which has pepped me up a tad, sexually speaking, when M texted me from a dating site I log into occasionally.

She wanted someone to scratch her itch and thus we got straight too it with me having more sex in about 4 days that I had had in the last 12 months!

Things have quietened now somewhat and I expect that she will vanish into thin air fairly soon because she is 10 years younger than me and is keen to experience all that there is out there sexy wise.  I am very happy for her and wish her all the best and hope that occasionally she might venture back this way to give an old codger a bit of loving as that is, other than winning the lotto, the only way I am ever going to get the amount of sex I want to enjoy for the rest of my days.

So what gives and why the fuck is it so hard to “get a fuck”, even when one goes out of his way to present as a good man whom a person can catch up with on occasion to chat, fuck or do whatever is on your mind on that particular day…?

Well, for mine, as I have said numerous times and still firmly believe, Women control sex.  Men are merely the court jesters who dance and frolic in the chamber (if you get an invite to the party) in the hope that you will catch the eye of a woman whose  libido is on song.

Yes, us males think we have got it going on as we parade around with our physical power, our muscles etc etc, but really, when it’s all said and done the power of the punani is what really controls the world.  Money is merely “the other game”.

And this makes me wonder how things will be when women inevitably step up and take their rightful place on the bench of power in regards to politics and business etc…which incidentally, I encourage at every opportunity.

Will men get more sex because powerful women can chase the tail they want or will it come to pass that men will will generally get less or just a similar amount to now?

I don’t really know.  I have some ideas but they are mere fragments that may coagulate one day to form something worth writing.

Back onto moi though.  So, yeah, here I am back to square one sort of awaiting another females interest.  I could chase as I have all too many times before, writing email after email after fucking email in the hope of one taking the bait but honestly, right now as I write this, I cant be fucked.

Its just so much easier to spend 100 bucks on a new Fleshlight and big-arsed bucket of Astroglide and surf porn until I cant wank anymore.

Sad I know, but if that is the way you were made, ie: to be a seeker of pleasure then its just bad fucking luck that you live in a society where women control their pussies like they are Fort fucking Knox!

Adios now and maybe forever,


I’ve been slack!

Havent posted here for a wee bit. There has been plenty going on sex wise so I am going to pull the finger out and get amongst it again in 2013. Watch this space as I crap on, and on, an on… (Thanks Tom G).

Love always peeps,

On Positive Singles again…

I wrote here about this site that I find myself coming back to because on there I will find people like myself who carry the Herpes virus and who want to do the right thing as best they can and not spread the virus any further than it already is.

Go on, if you are interested, check it out.

As we are all aware passion is a potent drug and it can get you into all manner of tight squeezes, it certainly sorted me out, and any future sex life in probably 30 minutes of unprotected sex.

I can only speak for HSV but it is high time that the stigma attached to anything sexually transmitted be relegated to the bench because it isn’t helping anyone to get on with their lives in the slightest.

So please, support websites like this and any others you that care about, for the minorities who want to see a better world where tolerance is the norm vice just a being a spectator.

Thanks for reading me.


p.s. Check out this blog too if you are a HSV carrier.




Dreamer…you are nothing but a dreamer…

Supertramp were so right….

Everyone’s heard the old chestnut about a society that has more sex being happier….

Well, I am going to throw my 1 cents worth in by saying I wholeheartedly agree with those thoughts.

Men and Women both want more but set themselves up to fail with all the parameters and expectations they put on the act.

If indeed there were a “Sex Act” as in legislation I think it could possibly be the biggest tome ever written!

Seriously though, if we could just get over ourselves even a little and agree to disagree and fuck a whole lot more if only for the wonderful brain chemicals released (don’t get me started on skin health, muscle tone, blah blah blah) and then go our separate ways, as in Japanese love hotels, I argue the world might be a little better place?

This morning I got asked by my mother-in-law how my “love life” was going?  We are pretty open with each other which I love but even in that I picked up on one of those pesky parameters in that love is automatically connected to sex.

Why cant people separate the two?

Maybe I am the one in need of the time machine…




If you read this and consider it the best option for society going forward then I am sorry, I seriously doubt your cognitive process, rational thought, moral standing and whatever else I can think of if you give me a few minutes….

Dr Caroline Norma (lecturer in the school of Global Studies, Social Science & Planning at RMIT University).

I am going to try to keep this rant short and sweet.

I consider the article above to be completely biased and without a shred of balance in its however many words it takes the author (above) to make her point.

Why…, well…, for a start the dear Dr insists that we have to rid ourselves of prostitution PRONTO and whilst I would love to see that happen I would really love the dear Dr to find a solution to the male sex drive prior to calling for the culling of prostitution as that is what drives the industry…NOT EFFING PIMPS!

How about we “and play it again Clyde”…actually research the sex drives of each gender better so we have solid facts instead of old wives tales and lots of little studies that barely get a look in on this entirely under-looked debate???

Then we might actually have a base from which to, what’s that you say….EDUCATE….FUCK ME, THAT’S GENIUS Clyde!

Furthermore, to suggest that getting rid of prostitution will rid us of violence against women is also fucking ludicrous.  That is a learned behaviour passed down via shithouse parenting full fucking stop.  That is where you need to be looking to find the answer to that conundrum….NOT PROSTITUTION.

In summary, I think the way ahead is this.  Education (probably via the Internet unfortunately) combined with technology will bring change.  Via the two we will have a better informed society that understands the differences in the sexes and accommodates both conservative and those who like it a bit racy.

Short sighted culls of supposed problems are just that and deserve NO attention whether you are a RMIT lecturer or the fucking Prime Minister.

Lastly, I wholeheartedly support equality and a time where women can walk the street at night without fear of rape or worse.  I also long for a time when domestic violence is but a pinhead on the populous of this world.  For that to happen though we need to open up and educate and understand our differences.  From there it will be all downhill.

Doing so is the only way ahead for society.  That is what the mysterious word EVOLUTION is all about.

If want the other option, invent a fucking time machine and when you find your time….stay there.


I love this woman…

Check it.

Love always y’all



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